Building Resilience Training

September 28, 2017 @ 9:00AM


Staff Wellness and Well Being

Building Resilience Training "Balancing your life through self awareness, imagination, energy management and focus"

Building Resilience is about finding balance in your life. Increased self-awareness around the sources of pressure in your life, the resilience strengths you have to draw on, and underdeveloped areas of resilience on which to focus. It a mindset shift: from pressure/stress as a negative, external force acting on you, to pressure as a source of energy generated by living a meaningful life that can be harnessed with the right skills.

Seminar by Performance Coaching

September 28th 2017

COST: $450 includes lunch

Location: TBD

To register please contact Jim Turner at or call 807.597.2020

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214 Main Street West

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Jim Turner
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