Newsletter #4 - New Year New Career and COJG

New Year, New Career?

  •  Have you been laid off from a job in the past four years?
  • Underemployed (less than 20 hours per week) or unemployed?
  • Want a fresh start with something new?

The Second Career Program may be able to cover the cost of living expenses, tuition and other expenses while you attend school. A new semester is starting this January, now is the time to consider retraining

These are just a sampling of what is available:
               Heavy Equipment Training
               Recreation Therapy        
               Retail Meat Cutting
               …..many other options in business, service and industrial sectors
Please drop by the Atikokan Employment Centre at 214 Main Street or call us at 597-2485 to make an appointment with an Employment Counsellor who will discuss your interests and options for a fresh new start.
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The Canada Ontario Job Grant can help YOU subsidize  employee training, whether it's vendor training on a new piece of equipment, new software, or soft skills that you feel would benefit your staff. Give us a call if you are interested in finding out more information and / or discuss your needs . 807.597.2485
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